Deepfaked Ocaña Wishing Me Goodnight 

audio (2021) 17’

In collaboration with Eloy Cruz del Prado.

Deepfaked Ocaña Wishing Me Goodnight is a celebration of José Perez Ocaña (1947-1983), the Spanish artist, performer, anarchist, and queer activist. We meet him as a ghost – a deepfake – during a poetic and diaristic journey, revisiting
queer historiographies under the Spanish democratic transition. Ocaña’s apparition allows other guardian angels around us to be seen, reminding us subversion, heritage, and pleasure.

Work developed for Rietveld Uncut 2021 and presented at the Stedelijk Museum

This work can be accessed here.

Graphics by Tomás Queiroz
Master by Maja Chiara Faber

first and more important / dream our missing friends forward
- CA Conrad in Glitter in my Wounds