How long does it take for my poem to dry?

workshop (2020)

How long does it take for my poem to dry? consisted of a bioplastic writing workshop and exhibition, hosted in collaboration with Aurélia Noudelmann and Rebecka Hultman. During two days, two main activities took place: material exploration and writing. The premise was to create different sheets of biodegradable plastic through a boiled mix of agar agar and glycerine and shape it in molds. Then, while the sheets were drying to take a solid form, collective conversations were held to unblock the writing process. Questions such as these were asked; "How do you think the material feels while it's decomposing?"; “If your print dissolves in water, what would you experience while drinking it?"; "If you only write groceries lists, how can that feel like a poem?"; "How does that sentence feel different in all the languages that you know?”.

Finally, we printed the text on the freshly made material laser cutting it. More than 30 people were involved in the workshop, which was finalized as an exhibition of all the experiments. How long does it take for my poem to dry? was a communitarian conversation starter about sustainability, poetry, and transience.