i might go and throw my phone into the lake, yeah

film (2022) 3’ 32’’

In collaboration with Sam Fuentes

i might go and throw my phone into the lake, yeah is an experimental video poem on the transformative
potential of substances. By thinking through elements such as tears; hormones in gel; warm beer; holy water, and mercury, Lucía Vives and Sam Fuentes propose a new
constellation of technologies.Tools to destroy and disappear, but also to expand and nourish. An homage to the symbolic link in a drop of water and a late-night DM; a soaked jacket coming back home and trying to resuscitate a phone in rice.

The film is created through a back-to-back dialogue between makers. It’s a research on writing and filming, and simultaneously on affection and subjectivity.

Presented at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam in March 2022.